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Welcome To My Homepage Gold Fever (Novel) Craving (a short story) Mid-life Crisis (Short Story) Contending for the Faith (Non Fiction) House of Cards (Novel) More House of Cards (Novel)

Why a Web Page?

I love having a blog to write all the latest things going on in my life.  It keeps me honest.  It keeps me thinking.  It keeps me writing.  But it doesn't give me the avenue to really show my stories and projects in motion.

So, the web page.  "Gold Fever", a novel I am currently working on will be here in its entirety and updated as I work on it.

The other works so far, are finished (except for spelling checks, etc.).


What's New?

Contending for the Faith, three parts

This is available in printed form.  Please email your address for a copy.

List of Works

Gold Fever

Contending for the Faith

House of Cards

More House of Cards

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

 Gold Fever

I started "Gold Fever" 5 years ago after coming up with an idea to try and link Gold Rush San Francisco and its heroinne to the San Francisco of the 1960 to its heroinne.

A Diary seemed the perfect way to do so.

While actually living in San Francisco, my partner Anne and I lived in the basement flat of her house on Potrero Hill.  Part of our rent was paid in sweat equity:  Cleaning out the massive and well packed basement of the house.

We came across everything imaginable from old prescription pill bottles, toilets, mattresses and even a potter's wheel.  It took us the better part of two years to get it emptied.

This was the start of my idea.

House of Cards

House of Cards is a novel that started as a joke.  Anne was working full time and I part time (and going to school) at a facility that was a drop off center for people picked up for DUI or public drunkenness.

The facility was locked from the outside to keep any upset family or friends of the "clients" from trying to get in, and it was set up with a central room for the counselors and the client rooms within eye sight.

Half the time was spent keeping the drunks quiet so the others could sleep off their booze, and the other half was spent counselling the sober ones.  It was like working in a rodeo most of the time.

The counselors and other staff she worked with were such characters she said I ought to write a book about it.

As Anne and her working partner (who really was a Marine) became more and more frustrated with all the crazy things happening I began to write a couple of pages a night for them to read and get a laugh over.

After a while, the story took off on its own course and House of Cards was born.

The names and events have been changed to protect the innane.